Give the Gift of Giving at Grosvenor

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and with it all those yearly what-do-I-get-people-for-Christmas dilemmas. From finding the perfect gift, to understanding the deeper meanings of gift-giving, our complete guide to the gift of giving will show you how you can not only enjoy the process of Christmas gift-shopping, but also how you can engage with the spirit of the festive season.

A family-run, independent business full of one-of-a-kind curios and knickknacks, Bias Gift Shop has been supplying novelty gifts to the people of Northampton for well over 15 years. Now based in the Grosvenor Shopping Northampton, this delightful, boutique gift shop specialises in providing both a unique range of products and a personalised shopping experience that can meet each one of its customers’ needs. For our ultimate guide to the gift of giving, it seemed only right to team up with our resident gift-giving experts, to hear a little bit more about what makes the act of giving so special.

Gift-giving builds and reinforces relationships:

Although the Christmas gift may feel like a fairly recent development, the actual act of gift-giving is thought to date back to the start of human civilisation. Gift-giving has always been used as a way to strengthen social bonds.

As Bias Gift Shop says: “Giving a gift to someone is such a special moment because it lets the other person know that they are important to us. The gift essentially becomes a way for us to acknowledge our bond with someone else, and to ultimately indicate a commitment to keeping that relationship going. At Bias, we understand that people want to offer gifts for different reasons, and that the gift itself often reflects a very personal bond between people, so we try and provide our customers with a variety of products that can suit their every need. From bracelets and handbags to dream catchers, photo frames and decorate statuettes, Bias Gift Shop is full of gifts of all shapes, sizes, and prices, which are perfect for all kinds of relationships.”

Gift-giving helps us demonstrate love and devotion:

Gift-giving often allows us to express our feelings and affection for another person. Whether it be between partners, friends or family, gifts become a way for us to symbolise our love and devotion to others.

For Bias Gift Shop, it is that care and consideration that makes a gift so perfect: “Finding someone a gift is such a personal process, as you are essentially trying to find something which is not only a reflection of the giver and the receiver, but of their unique relationship. It’s why gifts that clearly have a lot of thought behind them and which indicate a knowledge of what that other person likes are so cherished­­– it literally demonstrates an understanding of who that person is and what your relationship means. At Bias, we try and guide people in their gift-shopping process by breaking down our gift collection into several groups, such as gifts for pet lovers, for homeowners, or for fashion lovers, which then allows people to find items that best reflects the character of the person that they are buying for.”

Gift-giving is a way to help others:

You’re probably tired of hearing the phrase, “it’s the thought that counts”. But, often, it is just that. Although there is sometimes an expectation that gifts will be things that people exchange with each other, there are many gifts that people give without the expectation of having it returned. As Bias Gift Shop says, often the act of giving is itself enough:

“There are many theories that suggest that the act of giving something to someone activates the production of dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure and happiness in the brain. Effectively, we give because it makes us feel good. At Bias, we recognise and celebrate the pleasures of gift-giving by offering our customers a truly eclectic range of stock. Whether you are looking for some amethyst crystals, a wall sign plaque or even a range of decorative ornaments and time pieces, you can be sure to find that perfect gift that’ll not only spark joy in the person that receives it but will make the act of gift-giving itself a magical process.”

So, whatever the size of your Christmas lists this year, whether you’re after a small keepsake, the latest accessory or a cute and quirky ornament, there is something for everyone at Bias Gift Shop in Grosvenor Shopping Northampton. Get yourself inspired today by checking out the store’s website at and don’t forget to pop in when you are next in Grosvenor.