Grosvenor’s Easter Holiday Activity Guide

Easter, for many of us, is a time of togetherness. Although it can look like many different things to many different people, it is, at its heart, a holiday which is all about the ideas that Grosvenor Shopping holds most dear: community, family, and, of course, a healthy dose of chocolate. It has never been easier to spend quality time with our loved ones, doing all those easy, at-home Easter traditions that make this holiday so special. So, whether you’re doing Easter on a budget this year, or just want to focus on being with your new or growing family, Grosvenor is here to help bring your Easter at home plans to life.

Idea 1: Balloon Easter Egg Hunts

Did you know that the tradition of the Easter egg hunt actually dates back about 500 years?

As anyone with little children or toddlers will tell you, designing the perfect Easter Egg hunt is a delicate balance of ingenious hiding skills and plenty of helpful hints. Luckily, with this Grosvenor-approved twist on the classic game, it should never be a problem to guide your little ones towards that all-important chocolate stash. Perfect for children aged between one and three, the balloon Easter Egg hunt will see your little ones follow an array of pretty, pastel-coloured balloons to their chocolatey prize.

For this, all you will need is a collection of colourful, helium balloons and some matching ribbons, like the ones that you can get now in a variety of shapes and colours from Card Factory in Grosvenor. For the chocolate eggs, meanwhile, sweet and confectionary masters, Browne’s Olde Sweet Shop will have you covered.

Idea 2: Egg painting

Although most of Easter is dedicated to consuming them, eggs can also be used for some enjoyable, Easter-inspired crafting sessions this holiday. Egg painting is a fun and novel craft activity, perfect for entertaining the children this Easter.

The best part? It requires very little to do. Simply, pop to your nearest supermarket for your eggs (preferably hard-boil them to avoid any accidents involving egg yolk!) and then head to Grosvenor’s W.H. Smith for all your crafting supplies. From a selection of vibrant watercolour and acrylic paint sets to an array of brushes, pom poms, and other mini embellishments, W.H. Smith is a haven for all arts and crafts enthusiasts. AKA, your one-stop-shop for an Easter craft bonanza.

Idea 3: Easter Bunny Corn Hole

Another classic outdoor game that has been around a surprisingly long time– since the 14th century to be precise! For a fun, creative, and less messy twist on the egg toss game, why not get crafty and design your very own, bunny-shaped corn hole, using W.H. Smith’s plentiful supply of assorted paints and decorations. For a child-friendly egg alternative, meanwhile, you need look no further than the plushie selection found in Grosvenor’s Claire’s Accessories. From the Ty Beanie Boos, to the Squishmallows’ 8”inch Easter soft toy collections, you’ll be sure to find something Easter-appropriate for your upcoming corn hole tournaments. These adorable soft toys can even double as an extra little Easter gift which will be sure to put a smile on your children’s face this Easter.

Idea 4: Easter card making

Easter is full of ideas about love, family, and togetherness, so it feels fitting to set aside time this Easter holiday to making cards that’ll allow you to express just how much your loved ones mean to you. And what better way to do that, than making that special someone their own Easter-inspired card? To get started, simply head to Grosvenor’s new Waterstones and browse its incredible range of stationery items. There are watercolour pencils, press out and colour Easter egg kits, as well as a wide range of letter writing essentials, amongst many more. Sounds like the recipe for the perfect Easter arts and crafts session if you ask us!

Whatever Easter looks like for you and your family this year, be sure to pop to Grosvenor Shopping Northampton and get your Easter holiday activity sessions sorted.