Secrets in Leather Exhibition

Sometimes a museum object is exactly what it says on the label. Sometimes it’s a pair of leather underpants instead.

A Curator’s work is never done. Through work and research into the Museum collection over the years, our team have busted a number of myths, revealed secret origins, uncovered true purposes and have been encouraged to take another look at items we once thought we understood.

Making discoveries and uncovering secrets is what research is all about. Sometimes the discoveries are large; sometimes they are small. Sometimes they only become apparent after a long period of time. But discoveries are made every day, by our Museum staff, by conservators, by volunteers … even by visitors! Through this exhibition, we want to share as many of those discoveries as we can and encourage you to look at our collection in a different light.

This exhibition presents a selection of objects from the Museum, all of which are hiding a secret. Whether you are knowledgeable about leathercraft or not, this exhibition offers a closer look at our collection through the eyes of those who work with it every day.

There is also an activity trail to entertain our younger visitors!



This exhibition is open every Wednesday from 10:00-16:00 at 35 Princes Walk, Grosvenor Centre, Northampton. Plus, it will also be open on Saturday 15th February and Saturday 22nd February from 10:00-16:00.

For more information about how to find us, click here.

This exhibition is wheelchair and pushchair accessible. Suitable for visitors of all ages. If you have any queries, please contact us:

T: 01604 745681
E: [email protected]